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ABM is an established organizational development consulting company that has been operating in the area of World class Excellence Organization Development and High Performance Management Development for the past 30 years. Through our different development programmes and interventions we assist organizations to improve their productivity and competitiveness so they can become world class.

The implementation of relevant interventions empowers organizations to stretch their capacity as well as the capabilities of the different teams within the company.

Key interventions could be the establishment of a suitable Quality Management System like ISO 9001 that will enable the company to implement manufacturing/service excellence measuring to the relevant international standard or implementing Management Development Programs that focus on managing change, conflict and high performance teams to assist organizations in meeting their strategic development goals in their pursuit of world class competitiveness.

As Organization Development and High Performance Development Specialists, we have assisted a wide variety of organizations in achieving their strategic developmental goals.

Our Approach

ABM follows a simple integrated approach that involves the active engagement of management and employees on various levels to identify constraints and development strategies that assist the organization to overcome these constraints in the pursuit of world class competitiveness.

These key strategies are translated into meaningful practical productivity/competitiveness improvement interventions and good manufacturing practices that can be implemented throughout the organization i.e. Implementing an integrated Quality Management System or empowering the different management levels to drive the improvement process, enabling their teams to become champions for change and achieve strategic goals.

Materials and programmes used for the different development interventions are customized and adjusted to meet the objectives of the different interventions in the Competitiveness Improvement Programme.

Our programmes are interactive and participative in nature to ensure maximum learning and behavioural changes as well as the establishing of new operations and management practices.

Funding Assistance

ABM can assist you with accessing relevant funding from The Department of Trade and Industry to obtain incentives to fund some of the identified interventions, i.e. implementing an ISO 9001 system or establishing productivity improvement programmes within your company.

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“World class excellence improves the ability of the organization to provide quality products/services more cost effectively with shorter delivery or turnaround time than their competitors in the related field.”