BEE  Scorecard Consulting

Using Employment Equity, Workplace Skills Plans and BEE Scorecards as development intervention tools to improve processes and to build capacities within the organization is the intelligent choice for organizations that understand the art of business within the complexity of South Africa.

The focus of BEE Scorecard Consulting is to assist our clients to create and implement sustainable BEE policies, strategies and practical BEE development interventions that will meet capacity building objectives.

This will enable our clients to deal with BEE effectively.

We offer the following services:

BEE Introduction Session

The objective is to provide management of the client with a clear understanding of what is expected of an organization in dealing with BEE

BEE Score Assessments

The purpose is to determine an accurate assessment of the company’s BEE status

Strategy development

The objective will be to work with you to develop a BEE strategy to maximize your BEE score points whilst ensuring it adds value to the company

Organizational alignment

This is where all policies, processes, systems and structures are aligned to ensure BEE is integrated into the normal business practice

Verification preparation

The objective during this phase is to ensure that your evidence is ready and that you can claim maximum number of points

The approach we follow is to develop an overarching BEE Strategy for our client while we train the different structures in the company how to manage and sustain successful BEE policies, strategies and supportive systems.

ABM will, with the dedicated management and staff, form a BEE Project team; the team will examine the options and make decisions as to which options to pursue. All the options proposed will be discussed and tested against the information gathered. The team would look at the potential scorecard points gained by each option or combination of options and rank them according to their value in the BEE transformation process, their value to the business and their value to the stakeholders. These options could be different interventions and will form part of the BEE Strategy implementation plan. The implementation plan will obviously make provision for skills development and the meeting of the BEE SD requirements.

Let ABM help your business:

  • Grow by being a preferred BEE Compliant supplier to customers

  • Be part of a growing and changing economy

  • Get involved with government, state-owned or public-private enterprises as a preferred supplier