Up-skilling Managers & Supervisors

This programme focuses on the up-skilling of managers and supervisors on different levels to effectively drive the process of change and continuous improvement, as well as manage high performance and productive teams.

ABM is proud of our long service relationships with our clients. We provide them with key facilitation and mentorship throughout the project, ensuring that effective management environments and support structures are in place to cultivate and feed the competitiveness improvement process.

To ensure that different managers on different levels achieve their Organizational Development Intervention goals and benchmarks, as well as to ensure that their respective work environment and areas comply with the requirements of a well balanced team and work environment, the Management Development Programme can include the following depending on what the identified skills requirements are:

  • Learn how to deal with stress in the high performance team – know your stress profile and your triggers

  • Learn how to deal with and manage conflict in the workplace and within the team

  • Learn and implement the required behavior skills for establishing and maintaining effective interpersonal relationships, communication and management of the team

  • Learn how to manage different employee maturity levels in the team effectively so that identified constraints can be addressed and agreed upon and operational objectives and benchmarks of the business / company / team can be achieved.