A Paradigm Shift  in Management System Thinking

Meeting environmental, safety and quality standards makes good business sense especially in a dynamic and highly competitive national and international business environment. Whether you are a manufacturer, supplier or service provider, it is vital that you are able to compete globally.

The ISO 9001 is a significantly changed management standard for business and is totally adjusted to the demands of the current business environment.

The standards ISO 9001 and related series focus on the process model as a business platform with continual improvement, risk focus and customer focus as the major objectives of the quality management system. This gives new opportunities for companies to use the quality management system as a strategic tool which can help them to exceed the compliance requirements and move towards business excellence as well as to use the ISO quality management standard as a vehicle to implement a change management process to achieve world class excellence.

The structure of the ISO 9001 is that of a typical process model and has 6 major focus areas:





Performance Evaluation


In implementing a continuous improvement drive within your company, the ISO 9001 could be an excellent vehicle to use to transform your management, operational processes and systems; to ensure that business commitment, responsibility, teamwork, process ownership, efficiency, profitability and growth can all be improved using the plan, do, check and act cycle.

It makes sound business sense to implement an international accredited quality system to obtain a competitive edge in the market.

Statistics imply that companies with ISO certification report major competitive advantages as well as improved customer demand (75,0%).

Funding Assistance

ABM can assist you with accessing relevant funding from The Department of Trade and Industry to obtain incentives to fund some of the identified interventions, i.e. implementing an ISO 9001 system or establishing productivity improvement programmes within your company.

The ISO 9001 can gear your company for real business growth. Frankly there is no other way to do it.